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Cartouche Tarot

'Tarot for Two'

A six card tarot programme for two participants


'Played in 3 Stages or Levels'.

‘TAROT FOR TWO’ is a communication device for lovers. It is a completely new and radical concept. It has to be played to be fully understood. Written by Metaphysical Astrologer, Lyn Shea, with depth knowledge into the often hidden energies which effect relationship and the need to understand these in closer detail for every day life.

This is an interactive pursuit for internet users who value the worth of communication. It is created for those who are involved in intimacy but maybe want to know each other better. Or those who are reticent, those who need encouragement to self-expression, and those who feel they have lost confidence in their joint ability to talk openly. It is especially good for those who have to be apart for whatever reason, or perhaps those who have decided to be temporarily apart to gain breathing space or make progress in difficult points of relationship journey.

If you are prepared for stronger and deeper communication in the light of greater honesty this programme is definitely for you. There is no cheating in this process. The cards chosen speak directly from the feelings of those concerned, these cards pose statements or facts which need to be addressed by the other person before response is made.

There are three levels. They each contain a two card selection (one card per person). The 3 stages are explained as you enter each level.

Tarot for Two is £15 per session and may be played over a time period of your choice.

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Tarot for Two (T42)

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Cartouche Tarot

Cartouche Tarot